The air buzzed with excitement as Carnival 2024 approached, promising revelry, vibrant floats, and the return of the much-anticipated Endymion parade. With the recent announcement of an extended route that would bring the procession back to the historic St. Charles Avenue, the city of New Orleans eagerly awaited the spectacle.

Founded in 1967, Endymion had established itself as one of the city’s premier superkrewes, defying the traditions of old-school society parades. Known for its extravagant floats, generous bead-slinging riders, and dazzling displays, the krewe had become a symbol of Carnival grandeur.

For parade captain, Kelly, the decision to lengthen the route and reintroduce St. Charles Avenue was a nod to tradition. “We really missed St. Charles Avenue,” he expressed, emphasizing the importance of ceremonially passing by Gallier Hall, a time-honored practice during Carnival. The decision added over a mile to the parade’s path, creating ample space for the large audience that flocked to witness the spectacle.

The return to St. Charles Avenue was not just a logistical change but a rekindling of cherished memories. In the past, the parade would make its way uptown, past Gallier Hall, where float riders would raise a toast to the mayor and city officials. The tradition held a special place in the hearts of both krewe members and the citizens of New Orleans.

In recent years, circumstances had led to alterations in the route. Superdome renovations in 2020 and personnel shortages in 2022 had prompted changes in the Endymion Extravaganza location, shifting the parade’s conclusion. The collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel construction site in 2020 also forced the parade to detour around the disaster, adding another chapter to the krewe’s history.

As Carnival 2024 approached, anticipation grew. The extended route aimed to recreate the magical journey through the iconic St. Charles Avenue, allowing float riders to once again raise their toasts at Gallier Hall. The decision not only rekindled a cherished tradition but also promised a more extensive and spread-out audience, contributing to the grandeur of the experience.

With Katelynn Marie Russell reigning as queen and Barry Bairnsfather as king, the Endymion parade of 2024 promised to be a spectacular affair. The procession, featuring signature floats like the E-TV float, the Pontchartrain Beach float, and the Club Endymion float, showcased the krewe’s commitment to Carnival excellence. Bands and marching units from various states and universities added a dynamic flair to the event.

As the city prepared for Carnival 2024, the return of the Endymion parade to St. Charles Avenue symbolized not just a continuation of a cherished tradition but a celebration of resilience, community spirit, and the enduring magic of Mardi Gras in the heart of New Orleans.

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Stirling Properties, a prominent commercial real estate company, is embarking on a significant venture in collaboration with Kent Design Build. Together, they are developing a $20 million, 50,000-square-foot building in western St. Tammany Parish that will serve as the new corporate headquarters for both entities. The project, named River Chase II, is anticipated to be completed by the end of 2024 and will represent a milestone for Stirling Properties, further solidifying its presence in the region.

Upon completion, River Chase II will host the corporate offices of Stirling Properties and Kent Design Build, with Stirling relocating from its current Covington’s North Park location. The move signifies a strategic decision to accommodate growth, with approximately 100 employees expected to work from the new headquarters. The development reflects the economic vitality of St. Tammany Parish and emphasizes the importance of the real estate and construction sectors in driving regional development.

Kent Design Build will occupy the entire second floor of the new building, while Stirling Properties and Duplantis Design will utilize space on the first floor. With 45,000 square feet already spoken for, the development is attracting strong interest, indicating the robust demand for premium office spaces in the region. The collaboration between a real estate company and a design-build contracting firm underscores the synergies between the two vital sectors.

St. Tammany Corporation, the parish’s economic development agency, recognizes the economic significance of both the real estate and construction sectors. With 8,089 construction jobs and 1,576 real estate jobs, these sectors contribute approximately $1.3 billion to the parish’s economy. The development of River Chase II symbolizes a commitment to the growth and prosperity of St. Tammany Parish, further reinforcing its position as an economic hub.

Stirling Properties, with around 200 employees across multiple offices in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, expresses its commitment to the northshore through the establishment of its new corporate headquarters. St. Tammany Parish offers strategic connectivity to the entire Gulf South Region, making it an ideal location for the company’s milestone move. The decision to “backfill” its current Covington office space demonstrates the company’s dedication to maximizing its presence in the region.

With River Chase I already at full capacity, Stirling Properties envisions the possibility of a third office building in the future. The success of River Chase II and the increasing demand for prime office spaces highlight the continued growth and potential for expansion in the St. Tammany Parish real estate market.

The collaboration between Stirling Properties and Kent Design Build on the River Chase II project marks a significant investment in the economic development of St. Tammany Parish. The new corporate headquarters, with its strategic location and anticipated growth, reflects the resilience and vitality of the real estate and construction sectors in the region. As the project progresses, it is poised to contribute not only to the success of the companies involved but also to the overall economic prosperity of St. Tammany Parish.

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